Featured Creative ~ Benjamin Von Wong

In addition to the recently added page Inspirational Photographers I thought that I would compose a post featuring each individually. And thus enter the “Featured Creative” post title (and searchable category, tag).

Photographer: Benjamin Von Wong
Website: www.vonwong.com
Location: Montreal, Canada

When considering Ben’s success and unquestionable talent one might not realize that he is in fact fairly new to the professional scene, which furthers his inspirational value to those that follow his work and also aspire to “make it”. It was only back in the fall of 2007 that Ben even bought his first point and shoot from Wal-Mart while he was working within his degree for Mine Engineering. Later in the beginning of 2012 Ben officially quite his day job and pursued his found love for photography.

Since Ben’s seemingly abrupt career change he has not looked back. Ben has accomplished countless projects, traveled to many countries to include his Von Wong Does Europe tour.

Without question Ben’s work is always at the utmost quality. This with his regular BTS (behind the scenes) videos sharing how he achieved his results, energetic personality and general drive I cannot imagine this man’s career doing anything other than flourishing.

Here is just a small sample of Ben’s work.

Watch this inspiration video starring Ben himself.


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