Featured Creative ~ Aaron Nace

Photographer: Aaron Nace
Website: aaron-nace.com, phlearn.com
Location: Chicago, IL

Aaron Nace, originally a hobbyist while he was pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University has since become a well rooted full-time photographer and “Photoshop Master”. His works have been published in such large names as MSNBC.com, AOL.com, and The Huffington Post.

It would seem that this gentleman truly does live and breathe photography as he runs TWO successful photography based companies! Firstly, you have the standard “Aaron Nace” name tagged to his photography work; Secondly, you have his ever-growing Phlearn “Phamily” (“Phamily” is a cute play on words to reference both employees as well as followers). What is Phlearn you ask? Well… as obvious as it is with one glance at his work you’ll immediately recognize that Aaron has truly mastered the ways of Photoshop, but to take it further he graciously teaches all that he knows concerning photography and Photoshop within online instructional videos. The website features both free and paid tutorials, Photoshop actions as well as texture packs (all shot by the Phlearn team).

I am a regular follower of Phlearn and strongly suggest it to anyone who wishes to learn Photoshop no matter their current experience level. Why not now? You have all weekend to see how much you can absorb in a couple of days, but don’t worry the content already uploaded will keep you occupied for weeks if not months to come.

Here is just a small sample of Aaron’s work.

Lastly, here is a recent free tutorial from Phlearn.



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