Behind the lens: Allen J. Schaben shoots fireworks

A very nice article to get us motivated to haul our gear out for yet another July 4th celebration. Are you prepared?


By Allen J. Schaben, Los Angeles Times

When I shoot an assignment, I want the reader/viewer to feel what it was like to be there. I try to put the reader in a place where maybe he can’t be and do it in a way that adds mood or feeling to the photo. Covering fireworks on July 4 is no different: I try to figure out a way to bring readers to the event in a way that shows the mood.

Because so many people photograph fireworks, there is pressure to come up with something surprising. There is an old saying I live or die by: Chance favors the prepared mind. I ask lots of questions of my comrades who have done this before, make phone calls and do Web research to help improve my chances of getting a nice shot. I first explore what visual opportunities exist at various…

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