Featured Creative ~ Brooke Shaden

Photographer: Brooke Shaden
Website: http://brookeshaden.com/
Location: Los Angeles, CA

When one discusses the subject of finding your style as a photographer you are bound to mention Brooke Shaden.

Brooke, a Lancaster, PA native grew up near the “Amish Country”, which influences of this can easily be seen in here work. However, it was not until after graduating Temple University with bachelor degrees in film and English that she began her photographic journey.

Originally, Brooke started off photographing self-portraits for ease and control much like many of us. She has since grown into the label of a self-portrait artist. The body of her self-portraits however are not of a standard autobiographical overtone, but rather Brooke creates conceptual dream like worlds and places herself within them.

Her technique is hard to mistake as Brooke uses painterly techniques, deep color tones, textures, and conceptual elements in a consistent manner that maintains, but never dilute her working portfolio.

If you are unfamiliar with her work I urge you to take a look.


2 thoughts on “Featured Creative ~ Brooke Shaden

  1. I love Brooke! I didn’t know who she was until a friend online mentioned that a lot of my stuff was very similar to hers. After I looked her up I took it as a huge compliment, she’s fantastic :D.

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