New Strobe Projector

Photographers are often looking for that next purchase that will help bring their work to a new level. Maybe it’s a new lens allowing for sharper images, shallower depth of field, long zoom. Or perhaps you are craving a new light modifier aid you in bending light to your creative needs. Or maybe you need something a bit more original?

There is a new toy called the Light Blaster for all of those photographers out there looking to add a little something extra into their portfolio. The device allows you to combine a spare lens, a strobe and interchangeable projecting slide in order to project whatever you can dream of.

Obviously, this is not something your would or should use in every shoot, but without question does open endless possibilities.

Some of the applications shown within the gallery do look a little cheesy if you ask me, but the other more creative and subtle uses are quite nice. This is definitely something I am going to keep in mind the next time I have some money burning a hole in my pocket.

Fellow creative Ben Von Wong shows us how he went about using this new device.


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