Why Do Photographers Fail?

A nice inspiring quick write up concerning why some may fail at photography, but can really be applied to just about anything. What do you think?

Photofocus (old site)

I apologize in advance for this lengthy post. It may be too ethereal for some of you. But when I get the urge to write these sorts of posts, I’ve learned to just go ahead and let it rip. I usually get feedback later on that someone has been helped and that is always my goal.

I’ve been studying (almost from the standpoint of an anthropologist) why photographers fail. Why? Because I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to helping photographers improve. But there are some who just can’t make the cut. And I wanted to know why.

While I am not in a position to write a white paper on the subject, I do have a few ideas that I’d like to share.

My empirical research leads me to believe that most photographers fail for one of these similar reasons.

1. They have very low self-esteem.


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