Sunset over Downtown

I decided to take the camera into downtown once again yesterday. While walking down Fayetteville Street I noticed that the south end of the street had been blocked off. I came to realize that I had completely forgotten that Downtown Raleigh is currently hosting Oak City 7 (a free concert) every Thursday until the end of August. Admittedly I was immediately distracted from my original reasoning for being down there.

I decided to stick around and check out the event. The usual mix of food and drink trucks, vendor tents, and other random assortment of merchants were all present. I grabbed a small bite to eat (a jerk chicken tortilla, which was pretty darn good) and a choice beverage, sat down and waited for sound checks for the first band to finish.

After listening to the first three bands I mustered the motivation to fulfill the original reason that I had embarked into downtown in the first place. With the sunset quickly setting I decided to turn my attention from the streets to the skyline and thus hopped in the car and found my vantage point.


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