Featured Creative ~ Joel Robinson

Photographer: Joel Robinson
Website: http://joelrobisonphoto.wordpress.com
Location: Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada

Joel Robinson or possibly better known by his Flickr name of Boy_Wonder is an exceptional conceptual portrait photographer. Much of his work is easily recognized by its soft color toning, square format, and commonly self-portraits. Within these images Joel creates (as in his own words) “whimsical worlds where size, scale, movement and function don’t play by the rules that we know”.

When looking at Joel’s collective work one might not realize, but he is an inspiration to those of us that did not get into photography at an early age, or have decades of experience. Similar to myself Joel mentions in multiple interviews that he started using a camera back in 2009. For such a respectively short time in comparison to so many Pro’s out there that you will read about, Joel has accomplished an astounding amount. Interviews given by Joel can be found across such mediums as Grae Magazine, Illusory Magazine, Phototech Magazine, Photoshop Russia, and more. Within the last year Joel has found himself traveling around the world more regularly for workshops, assignments and other activities. Most recently Joel has been commissioned by Coke for a special series.

I suggest that you take the time to review his work and of course join thousands of others and follow his work on his Flickr account.


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