City of Oaks Celebrates the 4th

Amongst the thousands that attended the festivities in Downtown Raleigh I made my way to the Boylan bridge to meetup with a local photography group. This place is by far the best perspective of the downtown skyline and conveniently so the fireworks as well. We arrived more than 3 hours early to make sure that we had first dibs for the prime composition, relax and mingle.

There was no mistaking what we were all there for…



As the time passed and the sun dropped there was more conversation about which technique, exposure settings, etc people were planning on using.

Being that I’ve shot this scene before (minus the fireworks) I had a pretty decent idea about where the fireworks would break the skyline I had a good mental image of what I was looking for. With my composition set and my shirt off so that I could cover the lens in between bursts for a single exposure, I was ready.