Hanging Rock Park… Again

This past weekend the girlfriend and I headed out to Hanging Rock State Park (5:30 wake up… ugh). I wanted to see if I could catch the fall colors and she didn’t head out there with me the first time. Unfortunately, I think that we were about a week too early for the leaves, but in spite of the occasional rain shower we continued to make our way through the park.

Also, the water levels were much lower this time around.

Naturally, she was asked (forced) to stand in and be my subject a few times. (just comes with the territory of dating a photographer)


Hanging Rock State Park

Last weekend I took a trip to Hanging Rock State Park located in Danbury, NC for some waterfall chasing.

I had seen pictures of it online recently and decided being only a two-hour drive to see it for myself. I am glad that I did, because it was very worth the trip. The park has five waterfalls within it, a lake and other various points of interest. As an added bonus the trails with exception of being fairly steep in places were quite easy.

I wasn’t able to make it to all five falls, but managed to capture a respectable 4 out of 5. A future trip is certainly in the plans, but thinking it might wait for this fall when the leaves will add a welcomed bonus.

Light Painting with Darius Twin


If you’re into photography and haven’t been living under a rock you have undoubtedly heard of Light Painting. Further, like me you’ve even probably watched tutorials on how to do it yourself and may have gone as far as giving it a whirl. But up until SLRLounge’s recent post (linked above) I’ve never seen anything like this!

I’m still in awe over Darius Twin (aka Darren Pearson) ability to paint with light. Not only does he add interest to his long exposure night scenes by adding this element, but he completely draws elaborate illustrations to include surfing skeletons, alien invaders, a dancing angel and more! He even goes as far as creating enough exposures to stitch together an animation! I urge you to take a look at his work and make sure to check out his YouTube channel to see him in action.