Hanging Rock Park… Again

This past weekend the girlfriend and I headed out to Hanging Rock State Park (5:30 wake up… ugh). I wanted to see if I could catch the fall colors and she didn’t head out there with me the first time. Unfortunately, I think that we were about a week too early for the leaves, but in spite of the occasional rain shower we continued to make our way through the park.

Also, the water levels were much lower this time around.

Naturally, she was asked (forced) to stand in and be my subject a few times. (just comes with the territory of dating a photographer)


Impromptu Celebration

An annual barbecue turned surprise wedding. This was by far the quickest I’ve had to think on my feet for a photo session considering I did not have any idea that this was going to happen until I was told to grab my camera, but I am pleased with the results

Congratulations go out to my father and his bride!