Along the Trail

While I was out riding my mountain bike I passed a section of river that I had passed countless times, but this time I caught a glimpse of a scene that I thought would be worth exploring further. After finding a place to stash the bike, hop down the man-made water bank, I made my way to a flat rock that was as low to the water surface as it was large.



Artificial Recreation

With the rain showers, thunderstorms and overall sogginess over the last several weeks here in the North Carolina Triangle area, Falls Lake has pushed its shores to the limits. Thus the dam has been opened and in result the Neuse River is similarly extending its pre-established boundaries. With waters rising into the areas of vegetation the common side effects are now in effect: An increase of obnoxious flying insects as a result of increased areas of stagnant water and falling or fallen trees that the moist ground could no longer bear their weight.

Enter the urban outdoor enthusiast… A small handful of kayakers came out to benefit from the man-made rapids at a nearby location that is otherwise quite tame. Up towards the mouth of the artificial rushing gorge lies a perfect surfing hole, which was the obvious focus for the late afternoon.